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Fixed interest, directly into your bank account.

10-15 Year Term

7% P.A.

Buy Back Guaranteed

Returns Paid in Advance

Investments start from 90k USD.

10-15 Year Term

10% P.A.

Buy Back Guaranteed

Returns Paid in Advance

Investments start from 230k USD.

*Terms and conditions apply*

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Featured Projects

Rental guarantee and capital growth investments are available with all investment projects.

City Center Residence

Available from


The Club House Residence

Available from


Elegance @Cosy Beach

Available from


Laguna Beach Resort 1

Available from



Why Should You Invest?

Working with global brands

Valuations provided by world leading authorities KPMG, CBRE, K-Bank and more

Prime locations

Our property investments are located in prime tourist locations throughout South East Asia.

Booming Economy of South-East Asia

South-East Asia real estate market has been booming over the last decade.


No Fees, No setup costs

There are no charges, no setup costs, and no management fees to investors.

Proven Track Record

100% track record – all investors paid on time, every time.

Invest as little or as much as you like

Property investments starting from ฿1million up to ฿30million for a single property.

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"Everything about investment spot is first class. High returns always on time excellent pr easy to use website. But the best thing about this firm is the attention given to their clients"

Mathew Petis

"Best investment company I 've dealt with. Everything is spot on and explained clearly. Interest payments always on time".

Kathleen Webb

Thailand Investment Guides

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Thailand Property Investments
Thailand Property Investments 2019: A Safe Passive Income

Thailand Property Investments 2019: A Safe Passive Income

Over the past few decades Thailand has transformed itself into a central business hub in the heart of Southeast Asia. There are no signs of it slowing down. As of 2019 Thailand continues to maintain a very strong exchange rate and international export trade deals with the rest of the world remain solid. The real estate market and Thailand property investment opportunities for local and foreign investors continues to grow.

Discover the Best Places to Buy Real Estate in Thailand

Discover the Best Places to Buy Real Estate in Thailand

Thailand is one of the most popular countries when foreigners and expats look for overseas properties in Asia. With millions of tourist arrivals a year, it’s also one of my top choices. Thailand has a number of choices to choose between, with everything from Chiang Mai, a cultural center listed as a UNESCO heritage, to the bustling nightlife in Bangkok, and white beaches in Phuket.

Investor Startup
Thailand Investment Visa: What are the requirements?

Thailand Investment Visa: What are the requirements?

Asia isn’t an easy continent for long-term immigrants. You often have just two options to live here indefinitely: marriage or investment. Sure, most countries in Asia will let you get a work visa – but that requires keeping a local job. Likewise, retirement visas have a minimum age for applicants. Investment visas are unique because anyone can get them regardless of employment, spouse, age, or nationality.

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