About InvestmentSpot

Our Goals and Mission

Our mission is to create easy-to-understand, transparent investment opportunities while maintaining market-leading returns that meet YOUR investment goals.

Working with a team of seasoned professionals, with experience in finance, who advise and provide financing to marketplace lending platforms and direct loans. We look to provide everyday investors with the opportunity to take advantage of an offer that was previously available only to institutional and ultra-high net worth investors, and gain attractive returns from as little as ฿1M investment.

The investments on this website are issued by Emerging Trends Advisors. The company that is promoting the investments and arranging your investment is InvestmentSpot. 

No investor has ever lost money with InvestmentSpot

A 100% track record is something to be proud of, and we are! InvestmentSpot has never missed any payment to investors and no investor has ever lost money with InvestmentSpot. In addition, all payments are made directly to your bank account so you don’t have to request to withdraw your interest payments, creating a truly hassle-free investment.

Magna Carta law firm are processing all legal documents and have legal authority to liquidate these assets and directly distribute the proceeds back to our clients. This gives investors the maximum level of security.

How can we offer such high returns?

Our returns are not outstanding in the institutional investment world, such as pension funds, which manages everyday investors’ savings – and probably yours as well. We came from this world and quickly realised that with so many other middlemen, such as banks and fund managers, end investors end up receiving a significantly lower return than the borrower pays while many “hands” enjoy a cut of their profit.

The financial technology revolution has enabled investors to cut out the other middleman and enjoy higher returns through unique offerings such as the InvestmentSpot investments.

Our interests are aligned, literally

We see our investors as our partners, so we endeavor to make sure we only make money when our investors make money. There are no charges, no set-up costs, no management fees and no hidden costs to investors. You know your interest rate before you invest, and it remains fixed throughout the duration of your investment.