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Transfer fees and other charges

When you buy property in Thailand the transfer fees and duties are probably not the same as in your home country. We have provided a short explanation below on how to calculate the transfer duty and taxes and who pays what portion of the charges when the property is transferred.

If you have any additional questions, always make sure you ask your lawyer what to expect in advance.

Transfer Fee

This is the percentage fee of the value of the transferred property. The property transfer fees in Thailand are 2% of the value of the property. The property’s transfer obligation is either shared between the buyer and the common seller, or the customer pays it.

Business Tax

The property’s business tax is 3.3 percent of either the property’s selling price or the property’s appraised price. In Western terms, either the selling price or the property’s municipal value is the greater of both.

Talk to your lawyer about who will pay the transaction’s company tax. Note that this tax consists of 3% Business Tax + 10% Municipal Tax on the quantity of the particular company tax (complete tax 3.3%)

Stamp Duty

The stamp duty for the transaction in Thailand is 0.5% of the property’s selling price. The vendor usually pays for the Stamp Duty in Thailand in the transaction. Note that the Stamp Duty is not payable if Specific Business Tax. It is one or the other which gets paid.

Withholding Tax

This tax varies depending on who the vendor is either a individual or a business. If the vendor is a corporation, the withholding tax (whichever is greater) is set at 1 percent above the recorded value of the purchase or valued value. However, if the vendor is a private individual withholding tax, a progressive rate is calculated based on the property’s appraised value.

For more information on Transfer fees and Property Taxes check out the following article Property Tax in Thailand.